Tradition Skin Diver ‘Sears’

The “Tradition” name might not immediately ring a bell with most people. Still, it is in these lesser-known niches where cool stories can be found.
For this particular watch, we have to go to the United States of the late 1960s. We visit a certain little retail chain by the name of Sears Roebuck and Co, better known as Sears Mailorder and Sears department stores.

Having taken the US by storm since 1892, Sears focused on quality products under a family of their own brands. A broad selection of products ranging from clothing to household items and car accessories. Oh, and watches!

Sears sold the familiar American brands, such as Hamilton, Bulova, and Gruen. But their white-label watches are particularly interesting. Branded as “Tradition”, “Tower” and “Cortebert”, produced by Swiss powerhouses like Heuer and others. All sorts of styles were offered. Including what we see here: a skin diver.

And what a skin diver this is! A beautifully curved case embraces a matte grey dial with the original tritium lume, which has turned to full custard-mode! It is all original, including the black hands and the acrylic bezel inlay. A real looker!


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