Lebois & Co Chronograph

1934, Where it all began.
It is 11 days before Christmas 1934 when Lebois & Co is founded by French watch manufacturer Raymond Dodane, who represents the third generation of the Dodane watchmaker family. Its mission is clear and simple: create aesthetic and affordable Luxury Swiss timepieces.

The Dodane manufacture is founded in La Rasse in the Doubs in 1857, by Alphonse Dodane and his father-in-law François-Xavier Joubert. In 1929 the Dodane family settles in Besançon, where Raymond Dodane carries on the traditions of complex watch fabrication.

1947, Lebois & Co gets Italian.
After World War II the brand Lebois & Co is handed over to Italian importers who outsource production to Dodane aswell as other Swiss watch manufacturers.

With its new owners Lebois & Co’s primary market is Italy but the brand is also well established in the rest of Europe.

1972, The brand ceases to exist.
Lebois & Co ceases trading 40 years after it was founded, the original Lebois & Co stops producing watches and the brand ceases to exist. Despite the disappearance of Lebois & Co the brand is still known today and popular with watch collectors all over the world.

Year 1939


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