Smiths W10 Military

On offer here is a watch with genuine military heritage.

Smiths won a government contract for the supply of wristwatches for general army use which saw them producing these Ref. W10 watches from 1967 until 1970. The recipe looks very familiar for connoisseurs of military watches. The design hardly changed since the “Dirty dozen” days of WWII. A stark black dial with clearly legible white numerals and a minute track. A large dose of lume and, of course, military markings. It features a hacking movement for precise synchronization and an iron dial and protector cap, protecting the movement from magnetic influences.

The caseback reads a unique military code describing a three-hand wristwatch, a unique serial number and / 68 marking the 1968 year of production.

These are supremely attractive and historically significant watches. A great opportunity to wear a piece of history.

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