Sarcar Ellipse “Coral”

Sarcar is not exactly a well-known name in the watch industry. But this is a watch that deserves your attention.

The brand was founded in 1948 in Geneva, with the aim of making highly exclusive, bejeweled, artisan timepieces. This is certainly a magnificent example of this effort.

The oval case alone is a rather rare feature. Apart from a Cartier Bagnoire or Patek Ellipse, the oval watch design has never seen mainstream adoption. However, this Sarcar proves it extremely attractive, when executed properly.

The watch case is made up of two levels. The main case houses the movement and supports the dial. The second part is a bit elevated and keeps the crystal in place. The elevated ‘lunette’ gives this wristwatch a beautiful sense of depth. Both levels of the watch have been diamond set. Absolutely stunning.

The dial might trick you into thinking it is a stone dial. However, it is red coral. The different hues of pink and orange in this dial are unlike any we have seen. The elegant dagger hands and applique logo complete a near-perfect design.

The Cartier-Esque crown with matching red coral cabochon elevates the watch to the luxury level we like to offer in our boutique.

Although a more recognizable brand name can be attractive, part of the magic of a lesser-known hero like this is that you will not run into anyone wearing the same watch. It is truly unique, making it highly desirable.

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Model Ellipse
Bracelet/strap: Leather
Year of production (circa) 1970s
Buckle/clasp Generic plated
Material 18k Yellow gold
Set Content Watch only
Crystal Sapphire
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Movement Hand-wound

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At AWCo, we are a diverse team of watch experts, each with their own niche interests and expertise. From history buffs to tech geeks and style gurus, we all approach this beautiful passion from different angles. We operate under the mantra that every vintage watch is unique and so is every client. We get a massive thrill out of helping you find that one special watch that perfectly suits your personality, style and budget. To see you staring at your wrist with a big smile on your face, is what we get out of bed for.

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Year of production (circa)



18k Yellow gold








Generic plated

Set Content

Watch only