Omega ‘Tropical’

As tropical as it can get.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the dials used in luxury wristwatches were finished with a protective layer against damage by UV-radiation. In first instance, this all looked good and like a good solution for the decolouration of the original paint, however, it was decades later when the watch manufacturers noticed that in some cases this protective layer was actually damaging the original paint over time rather than preserving it…

Some dials turn out different than others, with extreme dial decolouration the term ‘tropical’ is used by many collectors since these decolourations are more likely to happen in tropical regions with lots of sun. Most common is black turning brown, sometimes a tobacco colour or blue turning grey.. This Omega has turned gold, and its one of the coolest colour transitions we’ve seen.

The dial was presumably off-white or beige but that is simply not visible anymore. The face of the watch is appealing and unique and its something you cannot buy in just any watch store. The stainless steel case is in great condition and the brown strap leaves the attention to the dial. If you’re looking for a great vintage Omega then come and check this piece out.

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The best watches always have a story…

This vintage Omega Seamaster dates from 1952 and has developed over the years an even yellow tropicalized patina on the dial. If you look closely at the dial you will see the beautiful warm glow coming towards to you.



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