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Omega Geneve 18K ‘Diamond’

Supremely special. Superbly glamorous. And if nothing else, very pretty. This is something unique for those who appreciate the different and the special.

While it is usually the dial that makes or breaks a vintage wrist watch, this example is all about its crystal. Even tough the watch is from 1965, it comes with a sapphire crystal. But this crystal is a mesmerizing work of art all on its own. The top side has been faceted to look like a gemstone. And the resulting effect is just stunning. And all of that a good thirteen years before Rolex’s Day-Date would be fitted with a flat sapphire crystal at all. It makes this watch not just aesthetically appealing, but historically significant.

At angles, the visual effect is amplified by the reflections on the flat bottom of the crystal, making it look as though the sapphire is faceted on both sides. The surface seems to break into even more facets then are physically present.

The rest of the watch is elegantly simple. A yellow gold case with a flat bezel surrounds a silver sunburst dial. It is all kept simple to let the crystal shine as the absolute star of the show.

This is one of those watches that you can fall head over heels in love with. And once you do, there is no way back.

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Brand Omega
Movement Hand-wound
Model Geneve
Diameter 31 mm
Reference 111.019
Bracelet/strap: Leather
Year of production (circa) 1965
Buckle/clasp Original gold buckle
Material 18k Yellow gold
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Crystal Acrylic
Dial color Champagne

Omega is located in Bienne, Switzerland. Still, many Omega watches feature a Geneve mark on the dial. This oddity was introduced in 1953, as a nod to the accuracy records set by the manufacture at the Geneva Observatory.

The Geneve designation was added to watches that were more accessibly priced and produced in large quantities from 1967 onwards. While some Omegas are only labeled Geneve, the name was often added to other collections, such as the Dynamic range. As such, it is not technically a collection like the Speedmaster or the Constellation, but rather a designation of a focus on competitive pricing and a younger audience.

The label was dropped in 1979, although at that point it made up over 60% of Omega’s total annual sales.

A prime example of a line within the Geneve category is the Dynamic, launched in 1967. A design by Raymond Thévenaz that was a radical departure from what came before. The early Dynamics featured unique elliptical cases, with round dials and no lugs. A screw-ring on the back offered a unique way of switching straps and bracelets.

These monocoque cases did not feature a separate case back and watchmakers had to access them dial-side, by removing the crown and popping off the crystal with a burst of air into the crown-tube.

Around the start of the 1970’s, the Dynamic collection was moved from the Geneve category into the De Ville range. This is why you will find variants labeled Geneve Dynamic as well as De Ville Dynamic. Just in case you were wondering “Is it me or are Omega collections a bit confusing?” No worries. It is not you. It is Omega. There is even a super-funky Seamaster Dynamic from the 1980’s, if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Dynamic range would continue to be a playground for radical designs that would look out of place in more conservative collections.

As with most Omega ranges, both the Geneve and the Dynamic can be found in tons of different executions and varieties. These two ranges specifically, harbor some real high-value gems as prices have not sky-rocketed like on some other collections.


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Year of production (circa)



18k Yellow gold



Dial color





31 mm




Original gold buckle