Omega Constellation

If you are looking for a subtle little charmer, this is it! Deceptively simple but so beautiful up close.

When speaking of vintage Omega Constellations, you might immediately think of angular case designs and that sharp pie-pan dial. At first glance, you may be underwhelmed by the more rounded, simplified design of this example. But never underestimate the powers of a true slow-release charmer.

Upon closer inspection, you will spot a superclean silver sunburst dial. Its light dome is exaggerated by the domed plexiglass. A faceted date window frame and the Constellation-star are seemingly the only embellishments required.

The same goes for the case; deceptively simple. Yet upon closer inspection, you will find intricate play between lines. Look at how the lugs are seemingly separated from the case. It is super easy on the eye, yet visually interesting.

This is one of those watches for people who do not need to shout for attention. Their whisper is enough to draw people into the story. Does that sound like you?

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