Omega Bullhead Ref. 146.011 Tropical

The most iconic bullhead of all time.

The 1960s were some good times for the watch industry. Sports and space pushed the developing watch houses to the limits in a time when the competition was fierce. The end of the 1960s meant the beginning of a time when the design became more and more important compared to the brand name and functionality of the product itself. Omega was one of the big houses in the industry to partake in this revolutionary time and they introduced some special designs during this era.

1969 is the year this watch was introduced, just after the Speedmaster’s expedition to the moon. The design of this watch is interesting and at the time it was pretty pioneering and impressive when it comes to movement and looks. Some might still say this design is a little too untraditional to them, but Omega still produces a Bullhead today and there are people loving them. This ‘Bullhead’ chronograph might even be the prettiest ever made.

The 43 mm. case is pretty big, and the shape is asymmetrical. The top part is slightly wider than the bottom side in order to place the crown and pushers on top, quite untraditional but most of all, very cool. And so is the dial, which will probably be one of the main reasons for anyone to buy this watch. The colour is best described as tobacco, the paint was originally slightly darker but it has faded a little giving it a nice vintage character. The colourfull register and racing checkered outer ring make the face more exciting. The overall condition is super, definitely considering its age.

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