Omega Flightmaster ref. 145.0026

A result of the cold war among Swiss watch manufacturers.

Developing the best and most complicated movements is like a arms race among watch brands, like the Sovjet Union and the States did with war weapons and space races. The 1960s and 1970s were the times when the competition was extremely fierce and a lot of new watches and movements were invented. This is such a piece; seven hands, a revolving bezel, automatic movement, what a machine this is.

Omega developed the Flightmaster in 1969 and this watch was purposefully built for pilots. A chronograph, a second timezone, easy to adjust and way ahead of its time. The Flightmaster was and still is an impressive piece. These big tonneau cushion cases we’re incredibly popular at the time. The bigger the better was the trend in the early seventies, just like the use of colours. In the face of this watch, you will find green, blue, orange, grey and white… Not the average colourway for your watch right? This doesn’t make it any less cool or impressive, and these colours were actually used for improved readability. This is the second generation Flightmaster with movement cal. 911.

This big rarity is a cool piece and iconic for the seventies, are you man enough to rock this wrist giant?


Year 1971


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Year of production (circa)