Omega Speedmaster 145.022Omega Speedmaster 145.022

Omega Speedmaster Ref. ST145.022

This beautiful Omega Speedmaster represents a real sweet spot in the market. Here is why we love it:

In the late 80’s, Omega still used tritium lume. They continued to do so until the late nineties, actually. Tritium tends to lose its illuminating capabilities, and it tends to turn yellow over time. While that might be a technical fault in an engineer’s eye, it is the holy grail for vintage lovers. This specimen has gained a lovely warm vanilla type of tone over the decades.

Another big plus for this generation is the bracelet. Its short, rounded links and very short end links ensure a beautiful drape across the wrist. Much better than younger Speedmaster Professional bracelets with their overly wide end links.

So there is a lot of vintage charm to a Speedy like this. At the same time, they are some of the most affordable routes into the Speedmaster Professional universe. So yes, this is a real sweet spot in the vintage world!


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Omega Speedmaster

Year of production (circa)