Omega Speedmaster Ref. 145.0228 “Limited” Full set

We all know and love the moon-traveling stories of the Omega Speedmaster. But in 2004, Omega decided to focus on the next big endeavor in space exploration: Mars.

Even though no concrete plans or funding were in place at the time, Omega launched a numbered Speedmaster dedicated to Mars travel. This Speedy professional was decorated with printed images of earth, the moon and Mars in the sub-dials as well as a text on the dial, reading: From the moon to Mars.

This version of the Speedmaster was in production from 2004 until 2012 when just over 6.000 were produced in total. This is number 506. While the Mars image was originally bright orange, it has faded to a much more subdued grey-ish hue. And that really works for this watch! It is the familiar Speedmaster we all know and love, but with a dash of color. Very cool!

This 145.0228 from 2006 comes with the original steel bracelet.


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Omega Speedmaster

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