Omega speedmaster Mk IIOmega speedmaster Mk II

Omega Speedmaster MKII Ref. 145.014 tropical

The iconic Speedmaster, renowned for its resilience in NASA’s rigorous tests, earned its status as the legendary “Moonwatch” after accompanying Apollo astronauts on their historic lunar missions since 1965. Despite the introduction of the MkII model in 1969, the original Speedy remained the preferred choice for space-bound expeditions, firmly ingrained in the astronauts’ trust.

Crafted in collaboration with NASA, Omega’s designers meticulously refined the MkII, shaping its case into a sleek barrel form, seamlessly integrating the crown and pushers for enhanced aerodynamics. The tachymeter discreetly resides beneath the crystal, while the steel bracelet merges seamlessly with the case, eliminating traditional lugs to prevent snagging on spacesuits—a testament to its meticulous engineering.
The allure of the Speedmaster endures among enthusiasts, including this distinctive ‘tropical’ variant with its captivating brown discoloration throughout the dial. Powered by the reliable caliber 861, it stands ready to accompany you on any adventure, remaining in pristine original condition.

While the MkII may not have ventured beyond Earth’s atmosphere, its enduring appeal resonates with enthusiasts. Embrace its unconventional charm, acquire your own piece of history, and proudly share its story.


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Brand Omega Speedmaster
Movement Hand-wound
Model Speedmaster MKII
Diameter 42 mm
Reference 145.014
Bracelet/strap: Steel
Year of production (circa) 1970
Lug Width 19 mm
Material Steel
Set Content Watch only
Crystal Mineral
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Dial color Tropical

The Omega Speedmaster was introduced in 1957, as a racing chronograph. Little did Omega know that a different fate altogether awaited their creation.

When John F. Kennedy announced that the USA would put a man on the moon before the end of the 1960’s, NASA went into overdrive. The Gemini and Apollo missions would all culminate in “One small step for man…” in 1969.

One detail within that endeavor, is the selection of a proper watch for the space missions. NASA started putting a number of chronographs from different brands under extreme stress. Shock, temperature change, vibration, humidity, the watches were spared no horror. The Speedmaster came out on top in 1965 and was selected as the watch of choice. No slick marketing deals here. Chosen on merit alone.

Coincidentally, astronaut Wally Schirra already wore his personal Ref. CK2998 Speedmaster on a Mercury mission in 1962. In 1965, Ed White would go on the first ever spacewalk wearing a NASA-issued Ref. 105.003-65.

From 1965 onwards, all Apollo astronauts wore Speedmasters. Including Buzz Aldrin when he set foot on the moon, wearing his Ref. 105.012. Neil Armstrong had left his Speedy in the lunar module when setting those legendary first steps.

In 1970, Apollo 13 got into serious trouble after a service-module oxygen tank ruptured. With most systems down, the astronauts had to manually time 14-second rocket bursts in order to get back to earth. They used Jack Swigert’s Speedmaster for the job. Omega was awarded the Snoopy award in recognition of the crucial role of the watch in a safe return. A comic character featured on many special editions since.

Aesthetically, the Speedmaster Professional has not changed much since those days. A rough division can be made between pre-moon and post-moon Speedies. The transition point is the inclusion of the “Flight qualified by NASA” inscriptions on the case back, although some people erroneously mark 321 caliber Speedies as pre-moon and 861 caliber variants as post-moon.

For the keen-eyed, there are tons of subtle variations within the Speedmaster line. And that is before we look at the broader Speedy-scope, with all its special editions and interestingly-shaped Mark  models. You can really go deep on Speedy-specifics. Regardless of which precise variant you settle on, you will have an iconic watch with the single best backstory ever.


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Omega Speedmaster




Year of production (circa)






Dial color





42 mm



Lug Width

19 mm

Set Content

Watch only