Omega Speedmaster 125Omega Speedmaster 125

Omega Speedmaster 125

The Omega Speedmaster 125 is a model that (unfortunately) not many people know. Yet it is one of the most extraordinary Speedmasters ever made!

In 1973 Omega existed for no less than 125 years and that, of course, had to be celebrated with a special watch. This would be the Speedmaster 125: the first automatic chronograph with chronometer certification. The watch also had an almost unbreakable, modular case. In general, it is assumed that the Speedmaster 125 is made in a series of 2000 pieces. But new info from the Omega Archives cannot confirm that. The last delivery was in November 1977 ( See Fratellowatches).

The condition of this watch is very good. The integrated bracelet was very unusual at the time, nowadays we see it more often. The dial and hands are in very good condition. The timepiece (caliber 1041) is fully serviced and it runs beautifully.

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Omega Speedmaster

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