Mido Multi-Center chrono

“Here is the only chronograph that looks like a handsome watch.” A smart advertising slogan from Mido at the time.

The watch has no separate sub-registers or sub-dials for the chronograph, as many other brands do. In addition to the minute and hour hands, there is a separate, thin hand for the elapsed seconds and a separate, red hand for the elapsed minutes. There are of course several ‘rings’ or ‘tracks’ on the outside of the dial to count the elapsed seconds and minutes. And all in a watch with a diameter of approximately 35 mm.

The best thing about this watch is now. The case was made by François Borgel and this case maker also made the case of the first waterproof chronograph from Patek Philippe, reference 1463. This Patek Philippe also has the same so-called ‘sunburst pushers’ as this Mido. How beautiful and special is that?

The timepiece in this Mido is a caliber 1300, which is based on the caliber Valjoux VZ. This caliber has also been used by Patek Philippe and Audemars Piquet, among others.

This is a very special watch. The case is made of steel and has an 18 carat rose gold ‘cap’ just like the pushers. This is particularly attractive with the copper-colored dial.


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