Junghans Max Bill 027/3701.04

The quality of simplicity is how Junghans describes it. To us, the Max Bill collection by Junghans means Swiss quality combined with a superb minimalist Bauhaus design.

Dating back all the way to 1861, Junghans has a serious history of making timepieces. What started with just clocks has become an iconic and affordable watch brand. It was the 1950s when Max Bill, a student from the Bauhaus school, became incredibly popular with his minimalistic and clean designs. Junghans was looking to have clocks designed by an artist, and in their search they found Mr. Bill, who luckily was already fascinated by time. The result is a collection of beautiful and timeless wristwatches and clocks.

This piece is the smallest one from the Max Bill collection with a diameter of 34mm. The movement inside is a mechanical one (hand-wound) from the respected Swiss manufacturer ETA. This Junghans is available with different dials and straps, and in both stainless steel and gold-cap. Browse the collection to see all options or feel free to visit our store.

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