Longines Flagship Glossy Gilt dial

Longines made the best chronographs in the 40s and 50s, even better than those of Patek Philippe. Longines was once the best “manufacture” in the world. The term “manufacture” has been used deliberately, because, during the time that even Patek, Vacheron and Audemars Piquet used “purchased” timepieces, Longines was one of the few watch brands to manufacture its own chronograph timepieces in the home. One of the most recognizable, classic, 1950-sera wristwatches ever made is the Longines Flagship, which is a solid representation of the iconic notion of a “men’s dress watch” and/or “a good Swiss watch” as anyone has ever seen. The first Longines Flagship came out in 1957, but this beautiful watch with black gilt dial dates from 1963. Gilt means that the text is written in gold. This watch has an automatic movement and it is nowadays wearable as a sporty or dress-watch. We put this watch on a leather strap that is exclusively made for Amsterdam Watch Company.

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