Jaeger LeCoultre 9KJaeger LeCoultre 9K

Jaeger LeCoultre Chronograph Sector dial

Patina galore!

This Jaeger is all about that dial! The decades have decorated it with a rich speckled pattern and warm tone. The compax layout with running seconds at nine and minute counter for the chronograph at three provides balance and clarity in an otherwise quite busy dial. Readability is enhanced by the so-called “sector dial” design. While there are different ways of executing a sector dial, most contain separate concentric rings for hour markings and minute markings.

Here, the hour markings are kept closest to the center of the dial, just barely out of reach of the hour hand. One row further out, we find the minute rail, which is further subdivided into five increments, precisely pointed out by the minute hand and chronograph seconds hand.

Yet further out, we find the tachymeter, used in conjunction with the chronograph for various calculations. Being executed in blue, this scale is visually separated from the other markings.

With so much information crammed into a 30mm watch, you would expect a visual cacophony. Nothing is further from the truth. Careful design and horological know-how have kept this watch perfectly legible and profoundly attractive in appearance. Come and have a look at it in our store at Reestraat 3 in Amsterdam.


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