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In the glory days of sports chronographs, there were different models for any sport. Yachting was quite an elite sport at the time and the watches used in that sport were not that well known among the broader public. However, this doesn’t make them less interesting than other watches from the same era, or less cool if you ask us.

This is the Heuer Skipper. Heuer was one of the first big watch manufacturers in the industry to make sports chronographs. It started with dashboard clocks and pocket watches, after which the functional features were integrated into their chronograph wristwatches, and one of those was destined to the sailing sport and that’s the watch you’re looking at.

The art in sailing sport is to come ahead right at the start because the skipper had manoeuvred to the best position on the starting line. The timing and navigation in the 15 minutes before the race starts are crucial, and a precision watch can be of great importance to navigate best, and so Heuer built the ultimate skippers watch.

A chronograph wristwatch with a 15-minute register, divided into three sections to make a good preparation for the start possible. The piece we’re offering is powered by the Caliber 15, also known from the Heuer Carrera. Because of the slightly similar dial layout, this watch has compared to the Caliber 15 Carrera, it got the nickname the Skipperrera. The modified movement is housed in the Autavia case and the overall look is simply great.

The colourful details on the sub-dial increased the legibility of the chronograph but make the face simply more appealing. The condition of this watch is close to perfection. The case has very little wear and the dial is spotless. The original crown is still equipped and the bezel is still super sharp.

Visit our store to see this beautiful Heuer among other glorious pieces they’ve produced over time. It’s our pleasure to tell you more about them under the delight of a cup of coffee. We’re located in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.

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