Heuer Calculator Automatic

A watch for those who like arithmetics.

Heuer is one of the brands we really love for different reasons. It can be because of their heritage.. dating back all the way to 1860, or maybe because of the creations they made in the 1970s. The thing most people admire about the brand is that Heuer was the first on the market with an automatic chronograph movement in 1969. The brand may not be the same today as it was back in the day, but there still are a lot of Heuer fanatics out there.

To those fanatics; we’ve got the calculator and it’s like new. This 45mm. is a real beast on the wrist meant for someone who likes to do a little math every now and then. This chronograph is powered by caliber 12, an automatic duo-register chronograph movement with date function and the crown on the 9 o ‘clock. It may look a little industrial and unusual all together but what’s normal? This is simply a piece of watchmaking history.

With the double bezel on the watch case you can perform time,-distance and volume calculations combined with the chronograph functions. All watches in the 1970s were purposefully built and this Heuer is no exception. The black dial with vibrant orange and red details is easily legible and gives you an unmistaken retro experience.

A Dutch designer with an impeccable feeling for style and trends, Adrian van Hooydonk, head designer for BMW, still wears his Heuer calculator every now and then. It’s an interesting piece. Visit our store to try it on for yourself or contact us by any means for more information. We’re located in the Reestraat, Amsterdam.



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