Heuer Carrera Ref. 2448S

The first Carrera with the typical 1960s cupboard, reference 2447, first appeared in a Heuer catalog in 1963. The reference 2448 appeared in circa 1964. The first versions of the Carrera had a so-called ‘Poly back’ screwed rear cover (with sloping edges) which was later replaced by the more famous ‘notched’ steel rear cover (with notches). The reference 2448S (Silver) has a double case, a silver-colored dial, and well-known Valjoux 72 movement. The reference 2448N (Nero) also has a black dial.

The first series (first execution) has thin, imposed indexes and thin hands. The second series (second execution) has thicker, double, imposed indexes and slightly thicker pointers.

The Carrera reference 2448S that we offer here is one from the second series with a double cabinet and appeared in 1970/1971 in the Heuer brochures. The watch has a signed Heuer crown and the case and dial are still in very good condition.



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