Chopard Duotime 18k

One for the travelers.

Even before traveling by airplane was possible, many people craved for adventures and seeing more of the world than they knew at the time. When traveling overseas became possible, people started to develop the urge to keep track of different timezones. Pilots, international businessmen or politicians, when the world became relatively smaller and traveling methods improved, it was these people who created the market for watches displaying two timezones.

Rolex was one of the first on the market with the GMT Master, a watch with an extra 24-hour hand displaying a second timezone. This form of displaying two timezones is most popular since it was most easy to implement in traditional designs. However, dual-time watches were the alternative for the same function. This design was a little more untraditional but it was more of an elegant gent’s or women’s watch compared to the other steel and sporty GMTs.

Chopard has had a dual time watch in the collection for a long time and has become a true member of their watch family. This design is from 1998 and it’s still as classy as it was back in the day. These are actually two watches in one, housed in a beautiful rectangular 18k gold case. Still today for the intercontinental travelers, or the lovers of vintage watches, this is a real addition to the collection

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