Cartier Tank Louis 7808Cartier Tank Louis 7808

Cartier Tank Louis Ref. 7808 Paris

In the early 1900s, Pierre Cartier, the grandson of founder Louis Cartier, was planning to move to New York to reach New York’s upper society. The commercial and popular Fifth Avenue was his dream. This is when the wife-to-be of a famous millionaire Morton Plant saw his double-strand pearl necklace. This man was the owner of a great building located on Fifth Avenue and was looking forward to leaving this busy district. Both of them agreed on a trade: Plant’s six stories building in exchange for Cartier’s pearl necklace. And Plant also had to give Cartier a check for 100 dollars!

Nowadays unthinkable with this crazy housing market, you have to love the history of such a great brand. Starting with making superb exclusive jewelry and slowly taking their place in the watch world.

The Tank Louis we have here is from the late 1970s, a beautiful, elegant, and iconic timepiece. This Tank has a manual winding movement, housed in an 18k yellow gold watch case. The white dial is easily readable and Paris signed just like movement and case.

So who you like something with flair, something that radiates class; seize this Tank.


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Brand Cartier
Movement Hand-wound
Model Tank Louis
Diameter 27 mm x 30 mm
Reference 7808
Bracelet/strap: Leather
Year of production (circa) 1978
Buckle/clasp Aftermarket plated
Material 18k Yellow gold
Lug Width 17 mm
Crystal Mineral
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Dial color White

The Cartier Tank was designed by Louis Cartier in 1917. Its design was inspired by the brand new, awe-inspiring Renault FT-17 tank, used in WWI. We may consider the Tank to be a classical shape today, but back in 1917, it was a design revolution, much like the Renault that inspired it. The very first public example was given to General John Pershing in 1918.

The iconic design looks simple and elegant, but is deceptively complex at the same time. The nearly square case is flanked by two brancards, giving the watch its slender, rectangular appearance. A form that is clearly taken from the Renault tank with its tracks. A white dial, black Roman numerals, heat-blued hands, rail-road track and sapphire cabochon crown complete the typical Tank design.

Countless variations on the theme exist though. 1921 Saw the introduction of the elongated Cintrée models. In the 1970’s, in response to the Quartz crisis, Cartier launched the Must de Cartier line. These Tanks were powered by more affordable quartz or mechanical ETA calibers and the cases were plated silver, rather than 18k gold. The Tank Americaine was launched in the late 1980’s. The elongated and curved shape was reminiscent of the Cintrée, but a little less delicate in form. The more angular, modern Tank Francaise was added to the collection in 1995. More niche variants such as the Tank Chinoise and the odd “digital” Tank a Guichet are available for those with a taste for something different.

The Cartier Tank has always been a celebrity favorite. Iconic figures such as Andy Warhol, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Kennedy wore Tanks. Jackie Kennedy’s specific watch was later acquired by Kim Kardashian for a whopping $395.000,- at auction. Today, you might spot a Tank Francaise on the Dutch Queen Maxima’s wrist.

The Cartier Tank is surely one of the most iconic watch designs out there. You can easily put it side-by-side with the Rolex Submariner and AP Royal Oak as one of those genre-defining designs. It is tempting to throw the term iconic around in the watch world, but it is justified here beyond a shadow of a doubt.


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Year of production (circa)



18k Yellow gold



Dial color





27 mm x 30 mm




Aftermarket plated

Lug Width

17 mm