Cartier santos galbee 1564Cartier santos galbee 1564

Cartier Santos Galbee Ref. 1564 B+P

Introducing the Cartier Santos Galbee, a watch that embodies both a rich history and contemporary elegance. Crafted in tribute to aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont, this timepiece carries with it a legacy of luxury and innovation.

In 1904, Louis Cartier designed the very first Santos watch, a groundbreaking creation that marked one of the earliest wristwatches designed for men. Its unique square case and exposed screws set it apart, solidifying its status as an icon in the world of timepieces. This Cartier Santos Galbee is powered by a precise quartz movement. This reliability, combined with its low-maintenance nature, makes it the ideal choice for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. When you acquire the Cartier Santos Galbee, you’ll also receive the original box and associated documentation. These elements enhance its authenticity and enable you to trace its remarkable journey from the moment of creation to adorning your wrist.

Embrace a piece of history and elegance with the Cartier Santos Galbee. Its timeless design and heritage make it a coveted choice for watch enthusiasts. Seize the opportunity to make it yours today. Shop now.


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Brand Cartier
Movement Quartz
Model Santos Galbee
Diameter 29 mm
Reference 1564
Bracelet/strap: Steel
Year of production (circa) 1998
Set Content Original box & papers
Material Steel
Warranty 2 year (AWCo)
Crystal Sapphire
Dial color Beige

Amsterdam Pocket Watch Company. Or Amsterdam Women’s-only Watch Company. Two alternate realities that could have been, if it weren’t for Louis Cartier. Many of our brands can lay claim on important horological innovations, but Cartier is the one that started the wristwatch game for men with the Santos.

The Brazilian dandy Alberto Santos Dumont inquired with his friend Louis Cartier about a better solution for telling time while flying. His pocket watch was rather cumbersome in flight. Louis Cartier designed a flat, square watch for him in 1904: the Cartier Santos.

While, for a long time, watches were used for navigation, this was not yet the case for dear old Santos. His flight, the first to ever be caught on film, lasted for only 21 seconds. Not a lot of navigation required there! He was wearing the world’s first men’s wristwatch though.

The Santos went into large-scale production in 1911, fitted with a Jaeger caliber inside. The cases came in platinum or gold and the Santos came on the very first ever folding clasp, fitted to brown or black leather straps.

The 1970’s Quartz crisis and Audemars Piguet’s brilliant answer in the Royal Oak, triggered Cartier to morph the Santos into a modern sports watch. A steel version on an integrated steel bracelet was introduced in 1978, the Santos de Cartier. A more rounded, quartz powered Santos Galbée was launched in 1987. Multiple variations on the theme were launched since. If it is the classical look you are after, the Santos Dumont remains most faithful to the very first Santos from 1904.

While the Santos debuted as the tool-watch for men. It has aged into a classical, more dressy watch for men and women alike. As we are slowly but surely moving away from gender-specific watches, the Santos is a prime example of a watch for everyone. A design classic with a story that will surely captivate your audience, next time you have drinks with friends.


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Year of production (circa)






Dial color





29 mm



Set Content

Original box & papers