Cartier Panthere VendomeCartier Panthere Vendome

Cartier Panthere Vendome 18k

Cartier is always been a brand with a lot of class. Counting to their clientele Queens, Kings, celebrities, politicians, but now not only the notable are the clients. Cartier is going viral!

This Cartier Panthere Vendome (midsize) is a combination of two designs. Starting with Panthere, the sleek panther has been a symbol of the house of Cartier since 1914 when the brand created an exquisite Panther themed bracelet with onyx and diamonds. Cartier first introduced the Panthere watch in 1983, during a decade of decadence. As such, the watch was designed to be a glitzy enough to capture the attention of the moneyed crowd with plenty of celebrities opting to wear the glamorous Cartier piece. But it had a square case, this one you see has the round case, called after a square in the first arrondissement of Paris, Place Vendome. 

Famous for the people who stroll there, celebrities, fashion designers, and the high society.  Strolling with this Cartier on your wrist gives that feeling, lovely and luxury. But it is not only for the highlights of life, this is for life. A watch to give to the next generation but be smart, enjoy it yourself for as long you can! Age says nothing, gold can always be worn!



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