Cartier Mini Tank 18K Yellow Gold

The Queen of Tanks

Iconic since its introduction, designed after the Renault FT, the Cartier Tank has been in the brand’s line-up since 1917. The Tank has evolved over the decades and it is safe to say that the wristwatch has only become more popular in recent times.

This watch is simply a quartz-wristwatch on paper, but this Cartier Tank is so much more than that. Our piece has been made out of 18k gold entirely, bracelet included. The craftsmanship on just the crown and bracelet make this piece already a stunning piece of jewellery. This is the main reason why this specific model is quite popular among women. The brand name Cartier is to many people associated with luxury, if not a synonym. And what a pretty piece this is.

This Tank left the manufacture Cartier for the first time in 2001 but has been back for a full service in 2021, entitling it to factory warranty.

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