Cartier Diabolo 1440 Full set

Cartier, who doesn’t know the brand? Over the decades the name Cartier has become some sort of a synonym for luxury, but we bet that many people are not familiar with this Cartier watch..

This is the Cartier Diabolo. The women’s wristwatch was first introduced in the 1990s, and the watch-case was, and still is a little untraditional. The gold watch case is very round and thick compared to the more traditional designs Cartier is known for. But the Diabolo is also a bit thicker to give the design a little more dimension. Then there are the lugs; very long and thin. On the very end of each lug you’ll find a dark blue sapphire, an interesting and unneccesary feature, but it does add to the luxury feeling this design will give you.

The dial and hands are designed in a way many people will like it; the Cartier way. An off-white dial with printed black roman numerals, and blued hands to display the time. A timeless and classy feauture. A brown strap lizard strap has been equipped, with on the end of it the original Cartier buckle. The original box and papers from 1996 are still with this pretty piece included making it a solid full set. Available now!


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