Breitling Soccertime Ref. 2734

The referee’s Breilting

The sixties and seventies were decades in which sports watches were thriving. There are plenty of vintage chronographs aimed at a very specific audience, and this unusual Breitling from 1973 is a great example. Breitling designed this watch specifically for football, or what they call soccer across the Atlantic.

The 45-minute track in red has a definite purpose: tracking the halftime of a football match with the square-tipped hand. Unlike many chronographs, this watch registers the minutes with the long square-tipped hand which moves super slow. The seconds are being registered by the little sub-dial on the 9 o’clock. This reference 34-31 also has the “activity indicator” above the 6 o’clock marker.  The indicator shows black when the chronograph is not running, yellow when it is, and a mix of both colours when it is stopped but not reset.

The cool and retro looks of this watch are complemented by the black tropic strap. The frosted steel bezel is like new and the glossy case is close to perfection. These Breitling watches are pretty rare in such good condition which is why we’re glad to add this interesting piece to the store’s collection.

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