Breitling Navitimer Ref. 806 AOPA

The best of Navitimers.

Breitling has made many wristwatches throughout its existence with the focus mainly on aviation. It was 1938 when Breitling started to commit their business towards the aviation business when the first flight instruments were produced. These dashboard clocks were a pretty good success and thus Breitling organized an inhouse aviation focussed division; “Breitling Huit Aviation”. This lead to the first real commercial pilot’s chronographs on the market in 1940.

It was 1954 that may have lead to the infinite success of the pilot’s chronographs; Breitling started to officially collaborate with the AOPA (Aircraft Owner and Pilot Association) and designed a bezel with three units of measurement which could help any pilot. The wristwatch could tell the pilot how to navigate by using the chronograph or ‘timer’, which is where this model found its name; Navitimer. It was initially only sold to members of the AOPA which made it exclusive to a certain profession and very appropriate and popular among pilots. After a few years, the Navitimer was introduced to the wider public but it has never lost its heritage or functionality, which is why the Navitimer is now among the worlds best know watches.

This watch with the very first reference 806 is a perfect example of a lovely vintage chronograph. The black dial white letter printing is in great condition and the radium Arabic numerals have transformed into a nice anthracite colour giving a nice contrast to the face. The white rotating bezel has turned into a dark beige with a hint of green, looking like it really has flown all around the world. The case back is original and stamped with the reference and its destination; Nordrhein-Westfalen. The case back states; this watch was given as a prize of honor by the German ministry of transport in 1960 adding some nice heritage to this piece.

The watch case is still superb, and the AOPA logo used on the dial is from before 1965 since the pilots association changed the logo that year to the ‘twin-planes’ logo. This watch runs perfect and it has become a real collector’s item. We’ve equipped the Navi with a beautiful vintage watch strap in suede, however, straps are changeable upon request.

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