Atmos Reutter clock

Around 1928, Jean-Leon Reutter presented the world his new find: a clock that did not need to be excited! The Atmos, as the model was baptized, was excited by minute temperature differences; the timepiece technical part, on the other hand, came from Jaeger-LeCoultre. The Atmos appeared under Reutter’s signature for just under 10 years, before JlC took over the idea from him and made the Atmos legendary – incidentally with a slightly modified system, which also worked on-air pressure differences.

The model offered here is the original, namely from the time that Jaeger LeCoultre had not yet taken over the idea of ​​the Atmos from J.L. Reutter. This model is also called the Reutters Atmos and dates from 1931. The 1930s is, of course, the decade of Art-Deco and we see that clearly reflected in the design of this jewel. The clock is executed in a chromed cabinet with beautifully cut glass panels, this is also called the open version. The dial is silver and has very beautifully stylized Arabic numerals, the impressive timepiece is visible, really unique! The hands have black painted points and ensure that the time is easy to read. All in all, this is a unique clock with a fantastic history and also the most special version. Because of the sublime and timeless design, it will, therefore, be a true showpiece in every living room. Naturally, the clock has been fully checked by us in technical terms and is therefore in excellent condition.

Year 1931


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