Limited Edition Pocket Square Triplet for AWCo

Limited edition silk pocket square triplet

A triplet of hand-made silk pocket squareswith graphics of the worlds biggest watch icons.

By AWCo on 6 September 2019

Besides watches, we also have a great passion for creating cool stuff from time-to-time. This time we teamed up with Mess of Blues for a triplet of hand-made silk pocket squares with graphics of the worlds biggest watch icons.

Mess of Blues

Mess of Blues is known for its custom-made garments and accessories with a vintage-inspired style. Always made of fine high-quality materials and handcrafted with great passion and love for fashion. A vision that suits ours perfectly and therefore it’s a solid match.

We asked Stefano Zamuner, owner, and creator of Mess of Blues, to come up with some designs for printed pocket squares. No sooner said than done, Zamuner came with a triplet of fantastic hand-drawn creations. Every drawn design is phenomenal in its own way and completely spot-on if you ask us. As true enthusiasts for beautiful things, we immediately started production in Italy for this limited edition.

Let us take you on a visual journey and show you what we've created.

Even-tough a pocket square is not for everybody’s wardrobe, it’s also incredibly useful as a special polish cloth for your vintage watches or glasses. Especially for the ladies, we’ve created an extra feature so you can wear it as a bracelet which complements your day to day outfit perfectly! This gift is perfect for watch enthusiasts, fashion-killers and admirers of beautiful stuff.

Photography by Hilde von Bannisseht

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