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About era 1932 – 1936

The 30s were strange times. Sports and the Olympics were things that gave a whole country some joy. By AWCo on 9

About era 1960 – 1969

The Sixties and the space age. Successfully performing manned space missions were the biggest challenge imaginable. By AWCo on 8 July 2019

A clockwork running on air

‘Atmos, the most iconic clockwork, running on air’. A clock which could run indefinitely without winding the movement, read the whole story.

About era 1970 and up

Last man on the moon and quartz. The seventies meant ‘make love, not war’, the last man on the moon, the quartz

About 1955

The formal dress code meant tailored suits, shoes such as oxfords or loafers and an outfit finished with a stylish dress watch.

About the 50s

1950 The beginning of… The aftermath of World War II and the world getting back on its feet. By AWCo on 21

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