Watch Expert

Meet Thomas, the man of the details, and broad knowledge of watches. Well, let’s be honest, he surprises us with his knowledge of everything and that’s because he is a fine researcher and loves diving into subjects that got his intention. You’ll meet Thomas in the shop and behind the scenes, he’s busy writing the most interesting blogs especially for AWCo and stories about the watches we upload weekly.

In his free time, Thomas is a hobby-goldsmith and designs the most beautiful jewelry. His incredible talent for craftsmanship is also a big plus for AWCo. He loves restoring old Rolex bracelets back to their former glory. But his creative interests aren’t limited to gold and steel… He also knows how to BBQ on a scientific level.

Together with his fiancee Roos he enjoys cooking the most complicated dishes for friends and family. He’s also a fanatical guitarist-in-the-making, although he already played at North Sea Jazz as a drummer when he was a kid. His musical life is not limited to instruments as he can do some Snoop Dogg rappin’ on-demand as well!


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