Owner and founder

Another great passionate watch collector and certified watchmaker. Roel is the co-owner of Amsterdam Watch Company. Roel and Toesja met each other in Hoorn whilst studying watchmaking. They both graduated. Together they dreamed of having a vintage watch store, and in 2001 they opened their AWCo store in the Hartenstraat, which later moved to the Reestraat.

Roel’s endless passion for watches, technique, and heritage makes that he’s always looking for the most extraordinary watches ever made; both well-known and lesser-known brands. And with his love for watches and brands with a story, he knows exactly how to give all watches extra ‘body’ when bringing them into the store.

His love for vintage cannot only be found in his watch store, but also in his home and garage. Here you’ll find a magnificent BSA cafe racer which he loves to take out on a sunny day, several vintage Leica cameras, and a classic vinyl collection that he enjoys together with his son Freek.


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