Watch expert

Youngster Jeff is the vibrant soul of the store team. Despite his young age, he has a remarkable knowledge of the young used watches (what are the odds) and all the classic vintage gems. As a part-time team member, you’ll get the change to meet Jeff mostly in the weekends on Saturday in the shop. And, behind the scenes, he’s most active writing copy about the watches on our website.

On weekdays Jeff can be found in the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ library where he’s studying for his final exams. And mid-summer 2019 he’ll be graduated from his study ‘Organization Studies’. His next steps are still open but there’s a small chance we’ll be waving him goodbye when he’s deciding to go study for his ‘Master’ abroad.

Jeff’s roots lay in Breda, the south of the Netherlands aka ‘below the rivers’. And with his soft dialect, he knows exactly how to bring the coziness of the South back to Amsterdam City. Which can be best experienced while enjoying a good glass of wine and some culinary snacks! He’s also a huge fan of limited sneakers and even owns an interesting collection himself.


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