Watch expert

‘Old Warhorse’ Frans joined the AWCo team a few years ago but is a good friend and colleague of Roel and Toesja for many years. He has been active in the watch industry starting from his young age and traveled around the world to find all sorts of phenomenal gems.

Name a random vintage watch and it has gone through his hands. Therefore Frans is well-known for his remarkable all-around knowledge of vintage watches. And with his extremely positive attitude, he knows how to make you feel at home within a second in the ‘oh so’ complicated watch world. Every question you have will be answered with an enormous amount of patience. And that makes that you won’t leave the store without something to think about.

Besides his passion for vintage watches, Frans holds a warm hart for sports as well. There’s no day passing by without reading or talking about sports or practicing it. Biking through the mountains of Tuscany or the dunes of Bergen, swimming in the ice cold sea, playing squash or tennis; he’s always in!


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